The Grades

  • Grade 1/Grade Exam (minimum 7yrs)

  • Grade 2/Grade Exam (minimum 8yrs)

  • Grade 3/Grade Exam (minimum 9yrs)

  • Grade 4/Grade Exam (minimum 10yrs)

  • Grade 5/Grade Exam (minimum 11yrs)


Grades and vocational graded examinations in dance are progressive structured assessments which lead to recognized achievement at a high level in dance performance. They are taken into account by universities and other higher learning educational institutions. The students in the school include exam result progressions as part of their college their applications. The Advanced 2 exam result is awarded as a diploma from the RAD.

There are age requirements for RAD exams, class awards, solo performance awards and presentation classes.  Minimum age requirements by August 1, 2019

And January 1, 2020.

The grades syllabus Grades 1- Grade 5 in Dance provide a broad practical dance education and develops technical, musical and Performance skills. There is no pointe work training within the Grades Program.


* Early bird discount applied if semester tuition is received no later than August 23, 2019/Jan 17, 2020*


Please click here for a downloadable PDF of the regulation uniform attire list and pricing. 

Please fill out the Regulation Uniform Order Form and submit to the Seattle school office. 
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