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Vocational Levels

  • Intermediate Foundation Vocational Exam (minimum age 11)

  • Intermediate Vocational Exam (minimum age 12)

  • Advanced Foundation Vocational Exam (minimum age 13)

  • Advanced 1 Vocational Exam (minimum age 14)

  • Advanced 2 Vocational Exam & Diploma (minimum age 15)


The pathway to the vacational syllabi is through the Grades examinations.  Grades and vocational graded exams in dance are progressively structured assessments which lead to recognized achievement at a high level in dance performance.  These assessments are considered by universities and other higher learning institutions.  The students in the school include exam result progressions as part of their college applications.  The Advanced 2 exam result is awarded with a diploma from the R.A.D.

Vocational graded examinations provide an in-depth study of classical ballet for students who may wish to consider a career in dance of simply for individual excellence.  Pointe work is trained and is a requirement.

Island Youth Ballet

Island Youth Ballet (I Y B) is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1998 to sponsor high quality performance opportunities for students enrolled in the Children's Dance Conservatory as well artists from the broader community.  IYB is committed to the traditions and excellence that classical ballet provides in the expansive arena of live theatre.  

From Intermediate FDTN onwards students are eligible to train within the Conservatory Division becoming a member of IYB.  IYB members are required to enter for annual R.A.D. examinations and the Fall/Spring elective performances.

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